OceanStore The OceanStore Project
OceanStore HelloWorld HOWTO
by Hakim Weatherspoon, Chiu Wah Kelvin So, and Jason Lee



Background and Motivation

The goal of this OceanStore HelloWorld excercise is for each user to individually practice writing, compiling, running, and debuging your own OceanStore code. Please attempt to work through the excercise before looking at answer solution. Also, you can direct questions to Hakim Weatherspoon <hweather@cs.berkeley.edu>, Jason Lee <jlee81@cs.berkeley.edu>, Jeremy Stribling <strib@cs.berkeley.edu>, and/or Chiu Wah Kelvin So <kelvinso@cs.berkeley.edu>.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to create two nodes that pass a simple msg to each: client->server "Hello! How are you?", server->client "Great! The weather is wonderful today!"


Note all DD java classes you will be using are defined in the dd.api package. Also, all HelloWorld classes and files will be placed into the dd.demo.helloworld.step1 package/directory.

Note make sure to be explicit about what classes are being imported (e.g. do NOT use import ostore.util.*), make sure to comment code (look at dd.directmail.impl.DirectMailTester for an example), and make sure to break up code into constants, static variables, variables, static constructors, constructors, static methods, methods, and inner classes (again DirectMailTester and other classes mentioned as examples are good examples).

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Originated on Date: 2003/06/23 17:47:16 by Jason Lee <jlee81@cs.berkeley.edu>.
Last modified on 06/08/2004 by Chiu Wah Kelvin So