Class ArchiverStage

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventHandlerIF, SingleThreadedEventHandlerIF

public class ArchiverStage
extends StandardStage
implements SingleThreadedEventHandlerIF

The ArchiverStage archives a particular version of an object. The result is a V-GUID or version GUID.

The ArchiverStage creates a checkpoint by sending a GenerateFragsChkptReq. When the checkpointing process is done, all uniquely modified VerifiableBlocks have been Erasure encoded into n Fragments and a BucketsToDisseminateEvent containing the resulting GUID's of all the uniquely modified VerifiableBlocks has been dispatched.

Fragments are the main mechanism that provides durability in OceanStore. Each Fragment is self-verifying and the cornerstone of the archival layer's fault tolerance and automatic repair. A Fragment is produced from an Erasure coding process, where the Erasure code treats input data as a series of m Fragments, which it transforms into n Fragment, where n > m. The resulting code's essential perperty is that any m of the coded Fragments are sufficient to reconstruct the original data. The rate of encoding is r = m/n<1. The storage overhead is 1/r. The system can adjust the durability of information by selecting the rate (and hence storage overhead).


To create a checkpoint dispatch a GenerateFragsChkptReq containing the CacheableIdentity (i.e. VHASH) of the top VerifiableBlock, the number of Fragments to Erasure encode, the inverse rate of encoding, and the Erasure code type. The local GenerateChkptStage will receive the checkpoint request message and return a GenerateFragsChkptResp that either includes the resulting V-GUID.


NodeId of the local server where this stage is running.

$Id: ArchiverStage.java,v 1.22 2004/05/13 20:13:06 hweather Exp $
Hakim Weatherspoon
See Also:
GenerateFragsBlkReq, GenerateFragsBlkResp, GenerateFragsChkptReq, GenerateFragsChkptResp, BucketsToDisseminateEvent, Erasure, Disseminatable, Fragment, VerifiableBlock, DataObject, Btree.InteriorNode, DataObject.DataBlock

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static String[] STATE_STRING
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 void handleEvent(QueueElementIF item)
 void init(ConfigDataIF config)
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Field Detail


public static final String[] STATE_STRING
Constructor Detail


public ArchiverStage()
Method Detail


public void handleEvent(QueueElementIF item)
                 throws EventHandlerException
Specified by:
handleEvent in interface EventHandlerIF


public void init(ConfigDataIF config)
          throws Exception
Specified by:
init in interface EventHandlerIF
init in class StandardStage