Class ArchivalStorageStage

All Implemented Interfaces:
EventHandlerIF, ProfilableIF, SingleThreadedEventHandlerIF

public class ArchivalStorageStage
extends Object
implements SingleThreadedEventHandlerIF, EventHandlerIF, ProfilableIF

The ArchivalStorageStage is responsible for fulfilling the server's roles as a Storage Server.

The ArchivalStorageStage handles requests to store and retrieve Disseminatables (e.g. Fragments and Tombstones) and VerifiableBlocks (e.g. DataObjects, InteriorNodes, and DataBlocks). In the former case, the ArchivalStorageStage acts as a Storage Server. In the latter case, the ArchivalStorageStage acts as a RemoteCache.


To store a Disseminatable (i.e. a Fragment), dispatch a DisseminateFragMsg containing the GUID of the Fragment, the A-GUID of the object that the Fragment belongs, and the Fragment itself. The local ArchivalStorageStage will receive the disseminate request message and return a DisseminateFragAckMsg that either includes an ACK (i.e. the local server will store the Fragment) or a NACK (i.e. the local server will not store the Fragment because the Fragment is corrupt or the server is already storing the fragment).

To retreive a Disseminatable (i.e. a Fragment), dispatch a RequestFragMsg containing the GUID of the Fragment and the A-GUID of the object that the Fragment belongs. The local ArchivalStorageStage will receive the request message and return a RequestFragResponseMsg that includes the Fragment) or includes the actual VerifiableBlock.

To discover if a node is willing to store Disseminatables dispatch a TypeRequestMsg to a random GUID. The DD will route the message to a node that closely matches the GUID. If an ArchivalStorageStage is running on the local server and the server is willing to store Disseminatables, than the server will return a TypeResponseMsg that includes a a MAC'd (i.e. Message Authenticated Certificate), stateing the servers willingness to store Disseminatables; otherwise, nothing will be returned.


NodeId of the local server where this stage is running.
Willingness for local server to serve as a Storage Server (true or false).

$Id: ArchivalStorageStage.java,v 1.35 2004/05/13 20:13:05 hweather Exp $
Hakim Weatherspoon
See Also:
DisseminateFragMsg, DisseminateFragAckMsg, RequestFragMsg, RequestFragResponseMsg, TypeRequestMsg, TypeResponseMsg, Disseminatable, Fragment, VerifiableBlock, DataObject, Btree.InteriorNode, DataObject.DataBlock

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void destroy()
 void handleEvent(QueueElementIF item)
 void handleEvents(QueueElementIF[] items)
 void init(ConfigDataIF config)
 int profileSize()
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Constructor Detail


public ArchivalStorageStage()
Method Detail


public void handleEvent(QueueElementIF item)
                 throws EventHandlerException
Specified by:
handleEvent in interface EventHandlerIF


public void handleEvents(QueueElementIF[] items)
                  throws EventHandlerException
Specified by:
handleEvents in interface EventHandlerIF


public void init(ConfigDataIF config)
          throws Exception
Specified by:
init in interface EventHandlerIF


public void destroy()
             throws Exception
Specified by:
destroy in interface EventHandlerIF


public int profileSize()
Specified by:
profileSize in interface ProfilableIF