Package ostore.util

Interface Summary
InputBuffer Efficient input buffer interface.
OutputBuffer A buffer into which QuickSerializable objects can be written.
QSComparator A serializable comparator.
QuickSerializable The serialization interface of OceanStore.
SecureHash SecureHash is the interface used to represent classes which are secure hashes An example is the SHA1 hash
VerifiableBlock The VerifiableBlock interface should be implemented by all objects that need to be self-verifiable.

Class Summary
ByteArrayInputBuffer The ByteArrayInputBuffer is a utility class that provides an InputBuffer interface to a byte array.
ByteArrayOutputBuffer Writes objects into a user-provided byte array.
ByteUtils ByteUtils is a class with commonly needed operations for converting various built-in types to bytes and back.
Carp A convenience class for dying and generating error messages, complete with "carp" and "croak", borrowed from PERL.
CountBuffer Counts the bytes in the serialized form of an object.
Debug Debug provides printing facilities for debug purposes.
DestroyStages Destroys all of the stages associated with some NodeID.
FiniteStack A simple Stack of finite size.
FromBytesInputBuffer For help in porting.
InputBufferImpl Implements all of the functionality of InputBuffer except nextByte and nextBytes.
IntHashtable This class implements a hashtable, which maps keys to values.
Logger A logging utility.
LruMap LruMap is a Map with an attached LRU ordering.
MultiMap Map where (key => Set<values>)
NodeId Abstract node identifier.
OutputBufferImpl A buffer into which QuickSerializable objects can be written.
Pair To avoid making a whole bunch of two member classes.
PriorityQueue PriorityQueue is a (blocking) priority queue.
QSBigInteger A quick serializable big integer.
QSClone.QSCloneBuffer This class is private for a reason; using it outside of QSClone will result in your being sacked
QSDate QSDate.
QSHashMap A QSHashMap is a wrapper class of HashMap that implements QuickSerializable.
QSIO The QSIO class contains general utility methods for writing/reading QuickSerializable object to/from files.
QSList A quick serializable list.
QSPair Pair for QS classes.
QSString A dull mirror of the java.lang.String class which implements ostore.util.QuickSerializable.
QSTreeSet A QSTreeSet is a wrapper class of TreeSet that implements QuickSerializable.
QSVector A QSVector is a cousin of java.lang.Vector which implements ostore.util.QuickSerializable.
QSWindow The QSWindow object is a data structure similiar to a queue.
Queue A simple Queue.
QueueElementReqIF QueueElementReqIF is a superclass request event that has a logical and well defined response.
QueueElementRespIF QueueElementRespIF is the superclass of the logical and well defined response to an initial corresponding request event.
RandomAccessFileInputBuffer For use in testing only; not efficient at all, and not completely implemented either.
RandomAccessFileOutputBuffer For use in testing only; not efficient at all, and not completely implemented either.
RandomExponential A utility class for generating random values from a negative exponential distribution.
SecureHashBuffer A MessageDigest-like interface for building SecureHashes.
SHA1Hash SHA1Hash is the hash class used by all entities which are SHA1 hashes.
SHA1HashBuffer A SecureHashBuffer that produces SHA1Hashs.
SHA1NativeIF SHA1HashNativeIF is an interface to a native C implementation of a SHA-1 MessageDigest.
SHA1NativeProvider SHA1HashNativeProvider is the Provider for the SHA-1 native implementation in C.
StageId This class stores contants by which to refer to stages in the running system.
StandardStage Implements functionality common to most stages.
StatRecorder The StatRecorder class is a utility for recording and analyzing a number of samples for a measurement.
StopWatch StopWatch provides timing utilities for profiling code performance.
StreamInputBuffer For use in testing only; not efficient at all, and not completely implemented either.
StreamOutputBuffer For use in testing only; not efficient at all, and not completely implemented either.
Triple A tuple with 3 elements.
Types A class which is used to register all of the basic OceanStore types.
TypeTable Allows for the creation of new QuickSerializable objects from their type codes and a byte array.
VerifiableBlockTag The Tapestry tag published by object replicas (second-tier and clients).
VID A wrapper class for a DataObject version identifier.

Exception Summary
BlockNotGuidVerifiableException The BlockNotGuidVerifiableException is thrown when an attempt is made to compute or verify the guid of a block that that has not yet been archived.
InvalidConfigFileException An exception caused by incorrect or incomplete config files.
QSException An exception class thrown during decode when it becomes clear that the encoded data does not represent an object of the type it is trying to be decoded to.
TypeTable.DuplicateTypeCode An exception class thrown when a given type code is passed to TypeTable.register_type(java.lang.String) for the second time with a different Java type than the original call.
TypeTable.NoSuchTypeCode An exception class thrown when a request to TypeTable.new_object(ostore.util.InputBuffer) passes in an un-registered type code.
TypeTable.NotQuickSerializable An exception class thrown when the object named by the parameter name to TypeTable.register_type(java.lang.String) does not refer to a class which implements QuickSerializable.