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OceanStore Java Documentation

OceanStore relies on many components to provide a global-scale persistent data store. At the lowest level bamboo provides a self-organizing networking layer. Bamboo works by mapping a consistent hash over the nodes in the system. That is, each node is responsible for a unique interval of the namespace. The consistent hash is used to provide a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) interface mapping objects to nodes. A layer above the DHT is the Distributed Directory (DD). The DD stores pointers in the DHT. The pointers provide a level of indirection between the networking and storage layer. The combined functionality use to be provided by tapestry, but has since been replaced bamboo and DD. Finally, the storage layer, pond, is responsible maintaining data reliably according to system protocols and user/system specified policies.

The java documentation for each component is provided below.

When you're ready to run your own OceanStore, check out this HOWTO to learn how to get started.

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